7 Best Trucking Dispatch Software in 2024

6 min readOct 3, 2023


Top truck dispatch software to look for in 2023

Complete visibility over shipments, instant communication with drivers, and real-time customer updates are the necessities of modern transportation companies. Logistics businesses operate with truck dispatch software, leveraging automation for basic processes to optimize budget and improve customer satisfaction.

Logistics Automation Market Size

In 2022, the global market for logistics automation reached $58 billion. It is projected to reach approximately $196.01 billion by 2032. The annual growth rate of 13% showcases a constantly growing demand for supply chain digitalization.

Dispatch software for trucking: Automation Statistics

Trucking Dispatch Software for Logistics Automation

Truck dispatch software empowers businesses with agility and resilience to withstand the fluctuating logistics landscape. Digital logistics solutions help supply chains overcome disruptions and challenges, providing better shipment monitoring and adjusting routes with automatically collected data.

With payroll integrations, safety compliance features, and digitized paperwork, logistics software boosts workflow efficiency and reduces expenses.


At Acropolium, we’ve implemented automation for 20+ small and large logistics companies with tailored apps, platforms, and management systems. In this article, we’re giving an overview of the top dispatch software for trucking.

Let’s explore the essential features that make the best truck dispatching software to help you make an informed decision on your way to growth!

Software for Trucking Business: Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf

Custom trucking dispatch software is designed to address your unique business needs, while off-the-shelf solutions may lack the required functionality. Tailored software for trucking companies ensures smooth integration with your current systems and processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Unlike turnkey solutions, custom logistics software accommodates future scalability, serving your business as it evolves. Although tailored software development comes with higher initial costs, the long-term advantages of optimized functionality and performance surpass initial investments.

Off-the-shelf vs. custom dispatch trucking software comparison

Benefits of Custom Software for Trucking Companies

Supply chain and logistics companies opt for custom truck dispatch software to unlock the following benefits:

Personalization. Custom software offers personalized visuals and functions. For example, you can merge separate trucking tools into one comprehensive solution for supply chain management. This way, you can optimize efficiency for carriers, drivers, and dispatchers with tailored features.

Flexibility. Tailored solutions grow with your business and adapt to changes. Scalability allows for expanded functions like fleet management, team growth, and seamless integrations. As a result, companies can save costs while improving basic operations.

Transparency. Custom trucking dispatch software offers complete visibility and shipment control with real-time tracking and automatic updates. You can also enhance your software with in-app communication and AI-based routing for better transparency and customer satisfaction.

Trucking Dispatching Software: Features & Solutions to Seek

Capable logistics providers choose cutting-edge software based on the specific needs of their operations. To address the primary challenges of the operational routine in logistics, most trucking dispatching software has to provide:

  • Real-time monitoring and automatic load updates
  • Data-based route planning and scheduling
  • Fuel, fleet, and asset management
  • Integration with other trucking dispatch programs and transportation management systems (TMS)
  • Scalability features for growing businesses
  • Automated paperwork processing
  • Mobile-friendliness

Some off-the-shelf options allow for minor customizations in terms of technical integrations and workflow settings. However, if you require a compatible system of web assets with the desired features, custom software is a must.

Top 7 Truck Dispatch Software in 2024

Top 7 trucking dispatch software for logistics automation

Below, we’ve selected the market’s most prominent ready-made dispatch trucking software to start your automation with.


Established in 2005, ProTransport offers all-in-one trucking software with a robust dispatching system. The truck dispatching software works great for freight brokers and truckload/LTL carriers.

While some users find its interface a bit dated, it seamlessly integrates with accounting programs and trucker fuel cards.

Advantages of ProTransport:

  • Real-time dispatching
  • Comprehensive accounting
  • Maintenance and safety features
  • Analytics and GPS data
  • Streamlined transactions
  • Paperless operations
  • Accessible customer support

Disadvantages of ProTransport:

  • No photo attachment for maintenance entries
  • Slightly outdated interface
  • Limited ability to attach credit card statements for accounting
  • Financial information not consolidated in one place

Axon Software

Founded in 1982, Axon Software stands as one of the industry’s most experienced software companies. It boasts excellent integrations, including various mapping tools. This solution also has a separate truck dispatch app for process agility, allowing for custom reports and data-based risk management.

Advantages of Axon Software:

  • Employee mobile app
  • Real-time tracking of trucks, speed, and more
  • Customizable reports
  • Operational improvement insights

Disadvantages of Axon Software:

  • Steeper learning curve
  • Higher cost compared to other systems
  • Limited and complex tax functionality.


Truckbase simplifies dispatch and back-office tasks for small to mid-sized carriers. This truck dispatch system offers affordability and automation, streamlining load management, invoicing, and settlements while boosting driver efficiency.

Advantages of Truckbase:

  • Mobile-friendly truck dispatcher website
  • AI-based document importer
  • Quick driver notifications
  • Simple invoicing
  • Flexible pay options

Disadvantages of Truckbase:

  • Limited workflow customization options
  • Incompatibility with specific trucking software
  • Insufficient functionality for large enterprises


Trimble’s software caters to diverse trucking companies, serving 3PL providers and brokers. Powered by a solid process optimization engine, the dispatch software for trucking companies covers multiple facets of supply management.

Advantages of Trimble:

  • Effortless safety tracking
  • Automated dispatching features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Data-based driver tracking and route planning

Disadvantages of Trimble:

  • Time lags within the system
  • Non-intuitive functionality


TruckingOffice provides budget-friendly dispatch software for small trucking companies. This solution is designed for solo users handling supply chain accounting. Due to limited collaboration features, it’s better suited for owner-operators working with a few brokers or shippers.

Advantages of TruckingOffice:

  • Prompt customer support
  • Help center with forums and online guides
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Streamlines taxing

Disadvantages of TruckingOffice:

  • Non-automated customer support communication with no live chats
  • Limited functionality for scaling businesses

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch is another example of affordable small trucking company dispatch software. Perfect for small-sized fleets, it may fall short for growing companies. It might be a good pick for those not requiring advanced features such as driver apps, live tracking, or mobile scanning.

Advantages of ITS Dispatch:

  • Automated reporting
  • Unlimited truck inclusion in the plan
  • Simplified customer agreement creation and sending
  • Effective driver communication features

Disadvantages of ITS Dispatch:

  • Occasional system glitches and lags
  • Limited feature capacity for larger trucking companies


Samsara offers comprehensive dispatching hardware and software solutions for trucking companies for supply chains of any size. The feature-rich dispatch trucking software covers all aspects of logistics operations, including communication, fuel management, and inventory tracking.

Advantages of Samsara:

  • Fleet management and route planning
  • Automatic delivery scheduling and tracking
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics
  • Compliance regulations

Disadvantages of Samsara:

  • Occasional system bugs and errors
  • Temporary slowdowns after software updates

Final Thoughts

As the supply chain market constantly changes, businesses have to take a proactive approach to possible descriptions. Automation allows transportation companies to proactively respond to evolving industry challenges and adapt to the changing environment.

A well-integrated automation system contributes to optimized operations and cost savings. But it’s crucial to remember that the truly best trucking dispatch software is the one that fulfills your unique requirements.

Specializing in delivering bespoke software solutions for logistics, Acropolium provides measurable value by turning your business pains into strengths. With 9+ years in the supply chain market, we offer subscription-based solutions that save costs and make operations smoother.

Wondering how we can transform your business? Contact us and describe your needs — let’s amplify your trucking business today.




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