7 Best Shipping APIs Integration to Optimize Your Logistics in 2024

5 min readNov 16, 2023


Shipping API software to consider in 2023

As logistics operators strive to keep up with emerging technology to automate basic operations, they utilize a multitude of tools. To ensure smooth interconnection of anything from tracking software to inventory management tools, they use advanced shipping APIs.

Logistics APIs serve as software interfaces that connect with the user’s systems. APIs empower businesses to streamline their supply chain management operations and optimize their current resources. By incorporating a shipping API, e-commerce, retail, and supply chain companies can establish a cohesive ecosystem of interconnected tools.

What Is a Shipping API? Definition & Advantages

advantages of ship tracking API

Shipping Application Programming Interface (API) consists of standards and protocols designed to link different software platforms seamlessly. It enables businesses to merge e-commerce platforms, warehouse management systems, or other software with carrier systems.


With over 50 custom projects delivered, we make sure our bespoke software solutions cooperate with our customers’ tools of choice. In this article, Acropolium breaks down the basics of shipping API integrations with an overview of the top 7 software. Dive in!

Benefits of Shipping APIs Integration

APIs facilitate the efficient exchange of shipment data across various tolls, giving the end user a seamless, well-connected system. The effective integration of logistics APIs brings advantages such as:

  • Improved tracking visibility
  • Manual process automation
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Better inventory management
  • Enhanced risk & error management
  • Reduced operational costs

Visibility. Freight APIs offer real-time access to vital data, including shipping rates, tracking, and inventory. For instance, eBay combines multiple shipping APIs for seamless shipping and tracking.

Automation. Transportation APIs allow automation of the logistics operational routine, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual tasks and errors.

Customer experience. Shipping APIs boost customer experiences with accurate shipping info and tracking.

Inventory management. Efficient inventory management minimizes overstock and understock risks, which is a common practice followed by giants like Amazon.

Risk & error management. Trucking APIs streamline compliance and reporting, reducing errors and ensuring business adherence to legal standards.

Cost savings. Access to shipping APIs saves costs by comparing rates in transportation management.

Top 7 Logistics and Shipping APIs

compilation of logistics API software

Let’s explore some of the best shipping APIs presented by global logistics and transportation solutions providers.


The FedEx Shipping API lets businesses integrate FedEx’s shipping services into their systems, websites, and applications. The software enables rate calculation, label creation, and real-time package tracking, benefiting e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain management.

Best for: small, medium-sized, and large businesses

Key features:

  • Customization of shipping options like branded labels and specific preferences
  • Compatibility with e-commerce, supply chain management tools, and transportation management software
  • Built-in rate calculator API providing precise rates based on package details, destination, and service type
  • Label generation
  • Real-time package tracking and delivery updates
  • Automated customs documentation


The DHL shipping API enables businesses to integrate with DHL’s delivery services, providing real-time rate calculation, label generation, tracking, and customs documentation. It optimizes the shipping processes for businesses of all sizes, managing both domestic and international shipments.

Best for: small, medium-sized, and large businesses

Key features:

  • Precise shipping rates determined by package size, weight, destination, and chosen shipping service
  • Streamlined label generation through the shipping API
  • Real-time package tracking and timely delivery updates for improved transparency
  • Automated customs documentation for seamless international shipments


The UPS integration API, offered by the renowned shipping company UPS, simplifies integration with their shipping services. It provides access to UPS shipping features like real-time rate calculation, label creation, tracking, and more. This API is a handy choice for automating shipping operations, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in businesses of various sizes.

Best for: small, medium-sized, and large businesses

Key features:

  • Real-time rate calculation and optimized shipping choices
  • Extended international shipping options for broader clients’ global reach and market access
  • Custom labeling
  • Inventory management features for stock-related problems mitigation


The USPS shipping API facilitates business integration with the shipping company’s tracking and inventory management services. Similar to previous software instances, it includes rate calculation, label creation, tracking, and address validation. This software is employed to streamline shipping procedures, oversee postage, and improve delivery services within the United States.

Best for: US businesses of all sizes

Key features:

  • Real-time shipping rate calculations, considering package weight, size, and destination
  • Direct shipping label generation via the shipping API
  • Live package tracking and delivery status updates
  • Automatic address validation for delivery error mitigation
  • Shipping rates comparison across various USPS services


Shippo API provides a strong focus on eCommerce shipments within its functionality. The multi-carrier software enables access to shipping rates, generate shipping labels, and track packages within customers’ own applications.

Best for: medium-sized and large businesses

Key features:

  • Automatic reporting and statistics on order data and customer behavior
  • Returns management functions that cooperate with ecommerce business tools
  • Shipment price calculation
  • Real-time shipment tracking for customers
  • Customizable shipping label generation


Established in 2012, EasyPost automates the technical aspects of logistics, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core operations. This API empowers its users to seamlessly integrate their applications with various shipping APIs, including the above-mentioned shipping APIs.

Best for: medium-sized and large businesses

Key features:

  • Multi-carrier integration with shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL
  • Compatibility with 3PL systems and tools
  • Automatic shipping cost comparison and tracking
  • Data-based carrier invoice and auditing functionalities


FlexPort is a comprehensive air and ocean freight forwarder, offering a robust platform and end-to-end services for contemporary logistics teams. The logistics API offers features like real-time tracking, structured data, and tailored communication for each shipment.

Best for: medium-sized and large businesses

Key features:

  • Customization of shipment specifications based on the size, type, and dimensions
  • Data structuring for unique carrier requirements
  • Real-time tracking and reporting

Final Thoughts

API integration fosters seamless connections between your software and the carrier systems you operate with. By choosing reliable applications, logistics businesses can optimize their operational routine with automation and cost reduction. For those using tailor-made software, ensuring it supports integration with other tools is essential.

Acropolium, a top-tier IT solutions provider for transportation businesses, has a proven track record with 20+ successful integrations. Adhering to ISO standards and GDPR-compliant software, we specialize in custom freight forwarding, fuel management, and API-supported software.

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